Marvin Law
MSCPA Member


Mr Law has been in the accountancy profession for more than 30 years and specializes in audit of public companies and the financial services industry, particularly securities and leverage foreign exchange dealers' accounts. He also specializes in investigations of securities and leverage foreign exchange dealers' accounts for the regulatory bodies. Marvin also experiences in providing litigation support services and is familiar with working with investment bankers in corporate restructuring and rescues, particularly companies listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He first started his career with Ernst and Whinney (the predecessor firm of EY, Hong Kong) in 1979. He left EY after 10 years with a proven professional record and attained the position as a senior audit executive. He was a partner of Li, Tang, Chen & Co since 1991 until his retirement in June 2016. He joined Yong Zheng CPA Limited in August 2016 as a Practising Director. Marvin is currently a member of the Disciplinary Panel of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and acts as independent non-executive directors for several listed companies in Hong Kong.

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