An Overview

Yong Zheng CPA Limited has incorporated its assurance practice in 2009. We are a medium-sized comprehensive firm for providing professional assurance services as well as partnering with our group members to offer a wide range of business consulting services to the communities. The success of us is much owed to our dedicated staffs that work together seamlessly and harmoniously. Only with them could we continue to grow and advance in the current dynamic business world.

Yong Zheng CPA Limited had become a member of an international accounting body - AGN International. It bonds accounting firms worldwide for facilitating the global network and providing quality international support. This global synergy of more than 400 affiliates covers nearly every corner of the world and its reach is continually expanding.

We believe in a 360˚ Service approach and offer customized, comprehensive and effective solutions to each client's unique operating environment, actualizing your full business potential. Every client is our business partner. You are never left without a professional team and support from our directors and staff.