Assurance Services

The annual audit of the financial statements can assist the investors and management in obtaining information about a company's financial position and performance with reasonable assurance. Only by maintaining proper accounting records, shareholders and executives can appreciate their true position and so as to respond promptly and duly before it is too late. It is never doubtful that Yong Zheng CPA Limited can offer proficient assurance services, which is both cost effective and professional.

But assurance services should worth more; at least, our aims at more than providing mere traditional service. That's why we offer value-added assurance services. Our audit brings not only a thorough understanding of the financial performance of your business, but also providing quality advice on management control system, an indispensable essence towards success. Because our assurance teams are committed to work closely and professionally with the clients as business partner, we draw upon the extensive assurance experience and sophisticated techniques for you to unravel tangled business issues and elucidate ones that need to be highlighted. Only by this could our clients recognize fully their milieux and fine-tune their management control system in pursuit of respective strategic objectives.

And to us, fine-tuning our own assurance techniques is one of our ongoing commitments. Armed with the international network, we constantly exchange our experience and views with certified public accountants over the world so as to equip us, as well as our clients, a global vision.

Apart from statutory audits, Yong Zheng CPA Limited extends our assurance services to:

  • Special Assurances for Litigation Cases, Mergers, Acquisitions, Flotations etc.
  • Audit of Charities, Associations and Other Unincorporated Bodies
  • Financial Due Diligence Assignments
  • Evaluating Management Control System
  • Evaluating Controls Over Computerized Information System
  • Investigations

    For more information, please contact the Audit Team:

    Thomas Chan, Priscilla Yeung

    Phone: (852) 2815-1133
    Fax: (852) 2541-2170