Business Consulting Services

To take the unpredictable and competitive business world in stride not only depends on the ability to look back, but also largely lies on vision to the future that allows a business to sail through in a roaring sea of promising opportunities.

"Chu & Chu Consultancy Limited" cannot hold the steering wheel for you; instead, we do our best as a compass for your use in navigation. By saying this, we work with our clients together to formulate the best business strategies. We can achieve that in several steps. First, our highly experience consultants will help our clients to analyze their present standpoint. Armed with specialist knowledge and diverse experience in dealing with firms of different sizes and nature in the past, we try to reveal your business potential by looking into aspects of their resources, products or services, consumers as well as suppliers.

What we do next would be to formulate and explore possible scenarios in future. Our teams will do it without a crystal ball. They make use of their expertise and experience to carry out strategic analysis, throughout which we will give you a clear picture of your business, as well as a number of possibilities that may come up in future. Because our service team has been successful in dealing with a variety of business parties before, you can rest assured that we will come up with best solutions for you. At last, you make the choice, a well-informed and prudent choice, on your own.

From time to time, one may stumble across unforeseen obstacles. Should any short-term turmoil arise in your business, we will lend a helping hand just in time. Our experienced staff will assist our clients to hold a step back; meanwhile contingency plan will be timely executed by us in order to reorganize their business and negotiate with creditors for financial restructuring.

On the whole, we will help you in:

  • Business valuation
  • Business acquisition and sales
  • Corporate review and restructuring
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Human resources planning, management and selection

    For more information, please contact:

    Albert Wong

    Phone: (852) 2815-1133
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