Company Secretarial Services

What distresses a boss most would be a deprivation of time and effort to look after his or her own business. While legislation is meant to protect business in order to grow healthily, it also poses a substantial amount of dreadful paperwork to a company who wants to comply with the law. "Comsec Secretaries Limited" is eager to share this burden with you and our professional staff will help you to adhere to the law as close as it requires. Our client will be well informed with every amendment of the law, while, of course, appropriate action and advice will be promptly offered to you by our experienced and well-qualified professional staff.

Company who proves itself brisk and successful should deserve a decent growth. One way to expand is to seek capital injection by listing on stock exchange in Hong Kong or elsewhere. Nevertheless, it would entail vigorous preparation exercise before green light is given. We again would like to do all the chores for you too. We will help you in company restructuring in striving for maximum interest of you and your investors.

Our proven records in serving clients, listed or unlisted, can be observed by just checking the diversity of our clients' business activities: manufacturing, trading, property development, to say but a few. Some of our clients have even established a cordial long-term relationship with us ever since we were founded.

We provide an integrated package of company secretarial services which includes:

  • Formation and registration of companies
  • Maintenance of companies' statutory books and records
  • Administration of company board and general meetings
  • Share administration, e.g. share transferring and issuing etc.
  • Documentation security and custody
  • Company restructure exercise
  • Liquidation and deregistration of companies

    For more information, please contact:

    Esther Yam

    Phone: (852) 2815-1133
    Fax: (852) 2541-2170