PRC Taxation & Business Consulting Services

The China market is not only extensive with high potential for development of business; its international position is also extremely important. After joining the World Trade Organization, the commercial and trading arenas have been opened continuously and cross-border trades are inevitably going to soar in the coming century. It certainly attracts most ambitious and adventurous entrepreneurs all over the world to participate into this probably the largest business platform in Asia.

However rosy the prospect may seem, making investments in places of little acquaintance always entails more risks and thus efforts in preparation stage. Chu and Chu proudly presents our PRC Taxation, Management & Business Consulting services tailor-made for you who endeavor to succeed. We have been providing auditing and related financial analytical services in the Mainland China for over 10 years. To meet our clients' demand and our aim, our service area has also been extended to the provision of professional management consultancy services.

To be your loyal partner in seeking success through obstacles in unfamiliar places, of unfamiliar laws and regulations, we help in arming your office with information technology services; we help in dealing with routine exercise in accounting and auditing; and most important, we help in revealing every potential opportunity to you, and later to your business partners as well as local government departments in the course of negotiation.

All in all, we make sure you won't be worried about:

  • Negotiations with various governmental departments
  • Setting up structures of the proposed investment vehicles in China
  • Feasibility studies for synergy mergers and acquisitions
  • Evaluating investment outside China
  • Accounting services, taxation services and IT support
  • Any kind of management consultancy including financial (except business tax), sales and marketing, production, human resources and public relations

    For more information, please contact:

    Albert Wong

    Phone: (852) 2815-1133
    Fax: (852) 2541-2170