Taxation Consulting Services

Tax system in Hong Kong is renown for its simplicity. Nonetheless, taxation is still never an ABC task whether to individuals or to companies. "Chu & Chu" is here to help you by providing tax planning and compliance services. The aim of our services is to assist you through all stages of tax compliance. Throughout the process we strive for maximum after-tax return, and strive in a legal and cost-effective way.

Our staff will handle tax compliance tasks for you in a timely and professional way. But we know "Taxation Consulting" is much more than that, we know what benefits our clients most is a proactive approach in tax planning. Tax regulation is always subject to amendments. Therefore we will keep you well informed of any of the changes and, what's more, we will plan for you to ensure you comply all of them, while minimizing your tax burden as much as the law permits. Of course there is no guarantee our clients immune from investigation, but we will strive for maximum cover against any possible penalties and costs.

We deliver a gamut of tax consulting services including:

  • Tax compliance services
  • Advice on personal and corporate tax planning
  • Cross broader tax planning and consultancy
  • Representation of clients in field audits and tax investigations
  • Representation of clients in tax objections and appeals

    For more information, please contact:

    Pinky Chan

    Phone: (852) 2815-1133
    Fax: (852) 2541-2170